As a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business, RC Enterprise’s primary focus is to provide exceptional service to our Veterans Administration and Department of Defense customers.
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Mark Cabbell – CEO

Mark Cabbell is a service-disabled veteran who decided to get in to business to help veterans receive better service and support through the Department of Veterans Affairs. Mark started RC Enterprise in 2018 out of his home in Indianapolis, IN. His operations are now coast to coast.  Mark’s passion to provide a better way of living for his fellow veterans has always been his sole reason for starting RC Enterprise.

Dawndrell Reece – COO

Dawndrell Reece has a wealth of experience in business, and the healthcare industry.  He enjoys helping Mark run RC Enterprise.  As President and Secretary of RC, Dawndrell helps make executive decisions on a daily basis. In addition to managing RC Enterprise., Dawndrell also helps care for other veterans and is the creator of all CBD products that RC Enterprises makes.